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These are some tough times we are facing right now. There is no shame in wanting/needing professional assistance to help cope with the hardships of everyday life. This is the reason why I thought about offering help online. Even though I am a psychologist in Hungary, I could reach anyone in the world that has good internet and any smart device. There might be language barriers, but if you have a good-enough English knowledge, there is good chance that I can help you too!

I always say that the best investment a person could make is when they invest in themselves. You are the only one that is guaranteed to be with you your whole life. So you better get along with yourself! It’s time to become the best version of yourself!

This Is What I Can Help You With...

People reach out to me with a wide variety of problems. These are the topics I have the most succes helping with:

– Self-esteem problems

– Relationship problems

– Coping with past incidents

– Coping with stress

– Improving yourself (e.g. time management, communication, positivity)

– Finding out what’s wrong (evaluation)

– Self-awareness

These are the most popular cases that I’ve worked with. Although, if you have another kind of problem, feel free to reach out so I can see if I could help you too!

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